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Purchase, pay for services and Send/Receive Money without a bank card or account

Looking for Paycode Business? Whether you are local or global, we got you Covered!


A convenient alternative to cash, mobile wallet, debit, credit cards and, e-checks for money transfer, e-commerce payments, or any other services.

  • Pay for goods online and offline
  • Pay for any services online and offline
  • Send or receive money
  • Pay freelancers conveniently on social media

What makes PaYcode unique?

  • Pay for services or goods (local/international) using PaYCode
  • Make financial transactions from the convenience of your home
  • Visit our point of sale to execute your transaction
  • You can obtain the code via email, SMS, scratch cards available at partners’ stores.
  • Any retailer can purchase our scratch cards and resell them to potential senders.
  • PaYCode is an open technology, you can choose to redeem the balance or use it for paying for goods and services.
  • We have partnered with banks, stores, gas stations, corner stores, supermarkets, and other retail outlets locally.
  • Freelancers can purchase our scratch cards and use them to their benefit.

Take your business further with PaYcode

Want to take your business to greater heights? Offering convenient payment options to the customers is the key especially if you are dealing with customers who are not used to using sophisticated payment modes.

  • PaYCode lets you receive payment for your goods and services not just locally but also from around the world.
  • If you are running a store on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform in general, and catering to customers from all around the world, then PaYCode would be your reliable payment partner!
  • Receiving payments through PaYCode is a hassle-free task. You do not have to set up any financial account for receiving payments.

To register to be our partner, click on the registration link.

PaYCode – A Special Payment Solution (organized & polished)

Looking for an easier alternative to cash, mobile wallet systems, credit, and debit cards to make payments or to transfer money? 

PaYCode is a special e-payment system that has been perfectly adapted for cash-based economies. You can purchase conveniently from any partner store or using a device that is powered by a working internet connection e.g. cell phone or computer.

Our solution provides a payment flow that is convenient and easy.  PaYCode can be stored in an account or used as a standalone token of payment. It can be converted to cash and carries a cash value. Whenever you receive a PaYCode, you can choose to convert it into cash at a POS or retain it and use it later for paying for local /international goods and services.

The key point:

  • As a special e-payment solution, PaYCode can be a great alternative to debit, credit cards, mobile wallet payment systems for money transfer, and e-commerce payment.
  • PaYCode can be used to make online payments– pay for any goods and services offered online or make offline payments- pay for any goods or services with a vendor
  • PaYCode can be used locally or internationally to send or receive payments.
  • PaYCode can be sent and received in traditional ways such as SMS, email, IM, wallet, PaYCode account, prepaid cards, wallets, and in the form of a scratch card.
  • PaYCode is funded via Cash, a bank card, money wallets, or a bank account
  • A high amount of PaYCode value requires activation.


  • PaYCode can be easily integrated with eCommerce or any other online platform with the aid of special plugins
  • Developers just need to use the keys we provide to activate such plugins on the websites they are working on
  • We have carefully studied the requirements of business and this is why we offer a convenient suite of developer tools and other resources for PaYcode integration over any store.

We make your developers’ life easier! 

  • Plugins needed to integrate PaYCode to your online eCommerce or any planform as a payment tool
  • Contact us to get Keys to enable your account 

Additionally, we also guide you through this process in case you face any difficulties anywhere, anytime!

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